Completed Issues

  • Smart Community to Stay Connected Each Other
  • Official and Non-Official Job Facilities
  • Availability of Necessary Freelancing Tools
  • 24/7 Dedicated and Expert Support Team
  • Secure and Automated Payment Systems.
  • Possibility to Improve Freelancing Skills

Why ZIT?

Zanan IT Ltd. (ZIT) is not only a business platform but also trying to make a better environment for Freelancers so they can show their Creativities and get guranteed payment for their Creativities. Work with ZIT and work like a flying bird into a blue sky. Feel Free to Contact with Us. Thank You.

Contact Info

  • Zaman IT World
  • Address: 3rd Floor, Matry-Cheya,
    West at L.G.E.D, POLICE-Line, Magura
  • Phone: +88 01736-108225
  • Email:
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    Online Platform Like Haven
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    Practice and Unlock Talent
    Start Practicing Your Online Carrier with ZIT and Unlock Your Hidden Talent. We Are Ready to Help You as Best
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Meet With The Zaman IT Ltd.

The Greatest Story of ZIT

We are working to redemption unemployment problem from our soceity as it is becoming dangerous for our country and our Gevernment trying hard to solve the situation. We are not working as Government but we are helping our them by giving our best efforts.

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Our Mission

We want to create a secure and user friendly environment so every Freelancer can works as a bird and also want to give job who are willing.

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Our Vission

We are giving training and anyone can work and earn from online by getting this. We also giving job sector to develop online carrier with ZIT.

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Our Speciality

ZIT is Totally Special and You Should Chose Us

The Skills Currently We Have

The Reasons Should Chose Us

  • FREE Chance to Learn Freelancing Courses.
  • Tons of Works for Skilled Freelancers.
  • Official Jobs For Qualified Candidates.
  • Necessary Tools Service for all Freelancer.
  • Buying Your Valuable Works at Instant Payment.
  • Quality Control Team for Maintain Quality.
  • Development Team to Increase Feedback Result.
  • Complience Team for Report and Get Action.
  • Covered by CC Cemeras and No Chance for Fruad.
  • Secure and Automated Payment Systems.
  • 24/7 Online and Offline Customer Support.
  • A Dedicated Management Team to Maintain All.








We Have No Border, Gender, Age or Religion Discrimination

Services At ZIT Desk

We Have Tons of Services. Browse All to Take One

Buying Your Valuable Works by Guranteed Payment

We are not buying all, so you should see first those services or works we are currently buying.

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Have Something For ZIT? Give us and be Happy

Hope you have something for us or if you are trying to create something in both cases feel free to contact with us.

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Providing Necessary Services and Our Qualified Products

Our Expert Team always are busy to create something creative and new and we are ready to serve you. You may also need something for your own work, Feel free to contact we may have them.

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Do you Need Something Highly Qualified?

We are Experienced and always try to improve our Quality by adding new Updates. You must need to justify our Quality before getting any Services.

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Multipurpose ZIT Desk

ZIT is not only a Business Platform but also trying to make the Freelancing an honorable Profession in Our Society. You can Learn Freelancing Here at FREE, you can get a job here, you can do multiple deals with us. Please See all and make your Choice. If not found inform us we will try our best to add them in our desk.

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We Truly Respect and Take Care Everyone Connected with Us at Any Purpose

The Freelancers are mostly honorable persons that we think as they are trying hard to develop our country. Also Respect our clients as they are giving value of our hard works. We are trying to connect both in a Secure Environment.

See All Catagories

See All Catagories

Meet With Our Dedicated Team

The Most Powerfull and Dedicated ZIT Team

Munshi Moktaruzzaman

CHAIRMAN & Co-Founder

Munshi Moktaruzzaman


We are Opened and Determined to Solve what you are in Need. Feel Free to Contact with US.






We are on 24/7 for you. Feel Free to Say Something you Want. We Love to Hear you.


Sujon Kumar Biswas

General Manager

Sujon Kumar Biswas

General Manager

I'm Happy to be a part of ZIT and Dedicated my life as ZIT did for Society.


Feel Free to Contact as We Love to Hear

What Our Honorable Clients Say About Us

We Really Take Care of Our Connected Persons

Join Our Community; Get Updates; Help Others and Learn

We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. Feel Free to share your valuable openions or advices so we can solve those quickly. We are waiting for your kind helping hand.

The Power of Community

We not Believe Anyone is Valueless. We Always Try to Find Out One's Hidden Talent and Want he/she Will Go The Higgest Possition at His/Her Sectors. You Sould Take in Mind Everyone is Not Fit for a Sigle Work, Everyone's Talent is Different Than Others. Are You Interested to Read Some Real-Life Stories? We Need Not to Increase Our Identity by The Stories as We Are happy Enough. These Stories May Help You to Struggle in Danger Situation. If You Are Strugling to Be Professional Freelancer You Should Read Full Stories. Also You May Add in Our Community to Get Updates or Others You May Need or Not but We Hope Others Can Get Helps From You. Join At Our Community and Helping Each Other to Make The Freelancing as an Honorable Profession at Our Society and Make Focused Our Country at The Higest Places. We all Connected in Freelancing Are Really Struggling as We Have Many Difficulties and Restrictions. We Believe From Any Other Country's Freelancers Have never Faced Such Difficulties. We are More Effordable Than Them and We Can Do Great if We do Help Each Other.

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Dedicated Stuffs

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Completed Issues

  • Smart Community to Stay Connected Each Other
  • Official and Non-Official Job Facilities
  • Availability of Necessary Freelancing Tools
  • 24/7 Dedicated and Expert Support Team
  • Secure and Automated Payment Systems
  • Possibility to Improve Freelancing Skills

Recent FREE Courses

  • Basic Online Knowledge.
  • Beginer Webdesign Course.
  • Wordpress Theme Development.
  • Online Marketing Basic.
  • Tageted Leads Generation.
  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • Basic Youtube and Adsence.
  • More Upcoming Courses.