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Our Great Story

The Story Behind The Zaman IT World

Hey, if you do think we are happy and came at the position easily, then I like you say that you are wrong. The 1st time it was very much hard to get the online profession as a carrier. I gone against my parent and hole society and taken 1 year to prove this profession is not bad. I proved but it was so hard for us and we all did unbearable work. I had full confidence and gave maximum efforts and at last we proved. In the time learning was not so easy like now and we got 1st earn after trying hardly 7 months. Those days was very bad but we never leave from our mission. We did it by our hard works. Online is only platform where you need not any degree but confidence. If confidence going down you will fail otherwise you will success. We faced difficulties and that is why we want to make a secure environment from where interested person can learn about Freelancing skills and can earn from it. We hope we did it, you can get FREE Courses from us and also you can get works if you can be qualified and we also made secure payment system as we faced much difficulties at the first time. Many marketer didn't give our payment, it is very bad. We made secure payment system and you will get your payment in sure.

Thanks Everybody

Confidence is the only arms for a Freelancer. You will be succed if you have the arm in hand but is fall you became Failed

Moniruzzaman Piash
Founder and Managing Director
Zaman IT World

Our Basic In Online

Our Mission and Vision

We are a reputated Online Base Organization named Zaman IT World. At our Office various Online realated activities are runing and through them we are going to be big in the world. We hope our expert team is capable to create a worldwide and qualified Freelancing Environment and we are runing on the Track. All the Freelancer joined with ZIT for any kind of work we treat them as a ZIT Team member and we really respect him/her.

We want to create a secure and user friendly environment so every Freelancer can works as a bird and also want to give job who are willing.

We are giving training and anyone can work and earn from online by getting this. We also giving job sector to develop online carrier with ZIT.

Our Skills and Experience

Online Marketing 90%
Web Development 50%
Website Designing 99%
Targeted leads Capture and Sales 90%
Vedio and Adsence Marketing 80%
SMS Marketing 95%
Affiliate Marketing 75%
Freelancing Tools Management 60%

ZIT Is Special

ZIT is totally special online platform and you are going to get a new Experience. The motive of ZIT is not earn huge money from online but also create a Secure Environment so every Freelancer and New Commers can get necessary support and works as well as guranteed payment. Remember we faced extreame difficulties and don't want you also face it. Get details Inquery about ZIT and take your right decission that we hope. Always you should take it in mind that a right Decission can change your life. We are proudly speaking we are Really Special and if you have any doubt please start inquery and hope you will see the Reality.

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